Your Weekly Pregnancy Development: Week 33

The pupils of your baby's eyes can now adjust to bright or dim light, just like yours

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Rapid weight gain begins

Week 33: As your baby gets bigger, her eyes come into focus

The 33rd week of pregnancy — and the four weeks that follow — mark a time of astounding growth as your baby reaches her final birth weight.

  • She weighs about 4-1/2 pounds and might grow a full inch in length this week alone.
  • She's grown to about 12-1/2 inches from crown to rump, or to about the length of an average pumpkin.
  • Your baby continues to gain weight rapidly — about half a pound a week.
  • The pupils of her eyes now can adjust to bright or dim light, just like yours.
  • Her lungs continue to develop.
  • Your amniotic fluid has reached its maximum level now — there's simply no more room. With less fluid to cushion your baby's kicks, they might feel a bit uncomfortable.

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Your Week 33 nutrition and health

Eating well: how much and when

When you're 33 weeks pregnant, your choice of food, the time of day you eat it, and how much you eat at one sitting directly can impact your well-being directly.

  • If eating certain foods or eating after a certain time prompts bloating, heartburn, or other uncomfortable symptoms, temporarily change those eating habits.
  • After your baby's birth, you can reintroduce your favorite foods into your diet.
  • Be sure that even your mini meals include a balance of foods that will supply nutrients to both you and your baby.

More ways to get your daily fruits and vegetables

If you're looking for additional ways to get your recommended 2-1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit, try any of the following:

  • Stir your favorite fresh fruit into refrigerated or frozen low-fat yogurt.
  • Add mandarin oranges to your salad.
  • Add frozen green peas to your chicken noodle soup.
  • Add fruit to a milk shake.
  • When you eat out, substitute extra servings of green, leafy vegetables for potatoes or other starches.
  • Instead of using syrup on pancakes or French toast, top them with fresh fruit.
Need a more comfortable sleeping position?
If you are having difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position, here’s a new position to try: Lie on your left side with your legs and knees bent. This position helps take the pressure off the primary veins in your legs and your lower back. If you need to adjust your position overnight, try the same technique on your right side.
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Take a tour of the hospital and finalize the paperwork

It might be a good time to preregister at your hospital or birthing center. Filling out paperwork now will be much easier than when you're in labor, plus it will help eliminate some of the unknown. Here are other things you can do:

  • If you haven't already toured the birthing facilities as part of your childbirth classes, ask to see a birthing room or labor and delivery room.
  • Clarify where you need to check in and where your partner needs to park, leaving less to worry about when the big day arrives.
  • Find out what you can bring to help pass the time, whether it's a few DVDs or your laptop.
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