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    Tightening up on safety.

    The hands of an eleven month old infant with animal toys

    Your baby’s world right now

    More active every day.
    Your baby might be exploring your home more than ever before. Whether she’s cruising around the living room furniture, standing on her own, or climbing up (but not down) the stairs, consider taking new steps to keep her safe.

    It’s a good idea to install safety gates or other barriers at the top and bottom of stairs. Here are some other tips to help keep your baby safe:

    • Clear her play area of hard, sharp-edged furniture
    • Lower her crib mattress so she can’t crawl out or fall while she stands
    • Install childproof locks on drawers, screens, doors, and windows
    • Move pots and pans containing hot foods away from counter and table edges
    • Insert plug protectors in any unused electrical outlets
    • Store toxic substances (like household cleaners and products)
    The hands of an eleven month old infant grabbing onto a handle

    Your baby’s nutrition

    Feeding your baby’s brain.
    She might not use real words yet, but if you ask your baby to point to her favorite toy or book, chances are she can. She’s babbling and she may even say a word or two. It’s a great time to foster her growing brain and developing hand-eye coordination with these activities:

    • Help her walk with (or without) support
    • Ask her to find her favorite toy in her toy basket
    • Provide push/pull toys for her to play with
    • Roll or toss a large ball back and forth
    • Encourage her to stand and pick up a toy off the floor without holding on to anything
    An eleven month old infant girl pointing curiously ahead

    Your baby’s development

    She’s right on track.
    All babies develop at different rates. You should not be concerned if your baby does something later or earlier than other children. In general, by the end of her eleventh month, your baby will likely be able to do the following:

    • Walk with one hand held
    • Drink from a cup
    • Say one word other than “mama” or “dada”
    • Point or gesture to ask for something
    An eleven month old infant boy waving with his mouth open

    Things to think about now

    Or rather, some things NOT to think about.
    Your baby has come so far in almost a year. But maybe you’ve got a few things on your mind.

    Parental nudity—she doesn't care if you're naked as a jaybird as long as you're there.

    Hitting milestones later than her peers—Children learn best and build confidence when you let them learn at their own pace, but if you're truly concerned, check with your pediatrician.

    Next month’s developments

    He’s almost a year, and he’s almost walking.
    By month 12, prepare to wave “buh-bye” to the bottle, and say hello to another growth spurt.