Learn how to help your baby’s immune system


Since your baby’s immune system may not yet be fully developed, it may need extra attention. Here are some tips to help your baby’s immune system:

Keep germs at bay

Your baby may benefit from a few weeks at home before you have visitors. Consult your baby’s doctor to determine when it’s best to begin having visitors. Once she's ready, make sure all visitors are healthy and that they wash their hands with soap and warm water before touching or holding your baby.

Keep her comfortable

Premature babies do not have much fat at first, and might have trouble adjusting to temperature changes. Make sure to keep your baby's room at a comfortable temperature for her.

Keep her air clean

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to secondhand smoke is always a risk. Help your baby avoid it at all times.

Keep supporting her immune system

Similac® NeoSure® helps support your baby’s immune system development by providing:

Nucleotides, which are building blocks for cells, to support your baby’s developing immune system

Vitamins C, E, and selenium, to help protect cells