There’s a lot to learn before the formula goes from the bottle to your baby. Here’s where it all begins.

A black father giving his baby boy a bottle of formula
What’s in formula?
It’s the second-best way to nourish your baby. Learn what’s in it, what’s not, and why it matters. GET THE SCOOP
A baby lying on his back holding a baby bottle with legs raised upwards
Bottle breakdown and nipple nitty-gritty
Gain an understanding of all the shapes, sizes, and materials, and that ultimately, your baby will choose them for you. GET THE LOWDOWN
A mother preparing a bottle of formula over the stove while holding her infant on her side
How to make a bottle
Everything you want to know (and didn’t know you need to know) about making a bottle. BEGIN HERE
A father kissing his baby boy on the forehead while also feeding him with a bottle of formula
Is your baby eating enough?
Most likely, yes. So relax. But we’ll help you make sure, and help you be able to tell if she isn’t. MAKE SURE