Similac® For Supplementation

For breastfeeding moms who choose to introduce formula

Similac For Supplementation is the first Similac formula designed for breastfeeding moms who choose to supplement. It has more prebiotics than any other Similac formula, along with the same benefits as Similac Advance. Some moms may notice changes in stool patterns when introducing formula to a breastfeeding routine, and studies have shown that prebiotics produce softer stools more like those of breastfed infants.

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Similac® For Supplementation

——   8 OUT OF 10 MOMS   ——

who supplemented with formula agreed that it helped them continue to feed breast milk.*

*Abbott Nutrition, data on file 2013


Similac Sensitive in Stages  

Similac makes it easier to keep up with the exciting changes in your infant’s growth and development with Similac Sensitive in Stages.

Birth - 12 Months

Similac Sensitive Stage 1
is designed to provide complete
nutrition for babies with fussiness
and gas due to lactose sensitivity

6 Months-12 Months

Similac Sensitive Stage 2
is designed to support your baby’s
continued growth and development during this
important time when solid foods are

Similac now has OptiGRO

OptiGRO is our unique blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E; these important ingredients are found in breast milk.

  • DHA for brain and eye development

  • Lutein to support eye health

  • Vitamin E an important nutrient found in breast milk to support developing cells

OptiGRO is available in most Similac formulas.

Knowing Means Growing™

Formula types

  • Powder formula
  •  |  Ready To Feed formula
Powder formula
Ready To Feed formula

Powder formula

Just add powder formula to water and mix.

Similac For Supplementation

Available in the Similac® SimplePac®

Mom Preferred. Similac SimplePac. And chosen easier to use 3 to 1 over the Enfamil® refill tub.*

*Formula Package Study 2010.

Feeding solutions

It takes time for a baby’s digestive system to mature, so a fussy baby
doesn’t have to mean switching formulas. 

Always talk to your pediatrician about feeding issues before making a switch.

Before switching, try these suggestions:

  • Use a different bottle or nipple.
  • Use a different burping position.
  • Adjust your body position.
  • Feed your baby less formula at each feeding while her digestive system grows.
  • Use liquid formula instead of powder.

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