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    Growth spurt, here we come…

    A 1.5 inches fetus in the eleventh week

    Your baby’s development

    Grow, baby, grow!
    By week 11, all of your baby's organs are developed. She's ready to focus on growth. At about 1.5 inches long, she’s about the length of your thumb.

    In the next 9 weeks, she’ll increase her weight by 30% and will probably triple in length.

    The blood vessels in your placenta grow larger to prepare for this time of accelerated growth in your baby.

    Your baby's reproductive organs are developing. But it's still a little early to find out whether it's a girl or boy — gender isn't clear on ultrasound until between the 16th and 20th weeks.
    An expectant mother lying down on a couch

    Your nutrition and health

    Eat, drink, and be less tired.
    During this time, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and resting still top the list for keeping you and your baby healthy. And it's OK to be tired or feel exhausted — most women are more tired than usual during pregnancy.

    Your body works hard to produce hormones and more blood to support your baby's developing body. And your body's high level of progesterone directly impacts how sleepy you are.

    Here are a few tips for fighting fatigue:

    Eat a balanced diet. It's important, now and always, to keep up with your iron and protein intake. If you need to snack, munch on healthy, nutrient-dense snacks — not on empty-calorie foods.

    Remember the water. Ten 8-ounce glasses per day (dehydration will slow you down).

    Remember to rest. It sounds simple, but you might be tempted to do more, not less, during this exciting time. Take naps. Your body needs sleep, so be sure to build naps into your regular routine.

    Avoid extra commitments. Seems easy. It’s not. Put yourself, your health, and your baby first. Don’t over-commit.

    Stay active. Take brisk walks. It might be hard to get motivated to move, but remember that regular physical exercise will leave you feeling more energized.

    Ask for help when you need it, whether around the house, on the job, or during your other activities.

    If you’re still tired, tell your doctor. Your iron levels might need to be checked.
    A woman with eyes closed and a happy smile

    Things to think about now

    He’s growing. You’re glowing.
    You've heard that expectant mothers almost glow, and you might be experiencing this yourself thanks to your increased blood volume, which can cause skin to look slightly flushed and full. In addition, hormones increase the amount of oils on your face, causing skin to be smoother and shinier. At this point if you haven't already, you might consider switching to oil-free skin products.

    What happens next week

    Your baby is nailing this growing thing.
    Next week, fingernails and toenails will start to grow. As for you, you might be growing more uncomfortable due to constipation. Sorry.